From time to time I’m inspired or flat-out asked to create a tool for Mary Kay consultants and directors. When I do, I’ll post it right here, for free! If you have an idea for a really useful tool that I can make for you, just ask! My email address is in the footer at the bottom of the page.

Ultimate Business Tracker (v2.2)

This is a spreadsheet which automatically calculates and tracks your income and available business funds. These instructions are also available in the document, but I’m posting them here so you can read a little about how this file works. If you don’t have Microsoft Excel, you can download the free Libre Office suite and use the second version of the file (the ODS format). (If the ODS file isn't working well for you, Libre Office can also open the XLS file, so try that one.)

  1. If you have existing inventory funds or back pay that you owe yourself, enter those amounts into the “Summary” tab under “Carry-over Balances.”
  2. Don't type in any light gray cells, only white ones.
  3. When you make a sale, enter it into the “Sales” tab. Enter each sales slip onto a new line and give the same “Party or Event” name to all sales slips from the same party. And remember to write your Propay fees on your sales slips after processing credit card payments so you can enter those fees into this tracker. If you don't enter them into this tracker, they'll end up coming out of your inventory funds, which is disastrous.
  4. Use the “Parties” tab to view the totals for each party.
  5. When you place an order or do a PCP mailing, enter it into a new line on the “Orders & PCP” tab. Enter each order or mailing onto a new line.
  6. When you write yourself a paycheck, enter it onto a new line on the “Paychecks” tab. To see the amount of your next paycheck, see the “Summary” tab.
  7. When you open demo or personal product, enter the wholesale amount onto a new line on the “Personal” tab so replacement costs can be deducted from your paycheck and added to your inventory funds.
  8. There’s also an “Interviews” tab where you can track your interview results, if you want to keep all your tracking info in the same file.
  9. The “Summary” tab tells you what you really want to know. It tells you how much money you have available (split up into Section 1 funds, Section 2 funds, PCP Mailing funds and collected sales tax), the amount of your next paycheck, what the balance of your bank and Propay accounts should be (approximately), and it totals the entries from this tracker for your year end taxes.
    To re-download a fresh, empty version of this Ultimate Business Tracker, visit this page!