Frequently Asked Questions

What do your sites look like?

Here’s a live site which I host for a Senior Sales Director: As to my standard site designs, I currently have two and am working on a third. Here are snapshots of them online (sorry, they’re not clickable):

Do you limit the sections and types of content I can have?

Absolutely not! I make recommendations based on what most Directors seem to want and need, but you’re not limited to them. I want to accommodate your needs and if they’re unique, then I am flexible. Also, I don’t limit the types of documents or files you can upload.

How do the “once a month” and “twice a month” updates work?

You will choose either one or two times each month (depending on the plan) when your updates will occur. Just send your changes to me throughout the month; I’ll accumulate them and make them at the agreed-upon times (for example, your two times might be at the beginning and middle of each month).

If I have a Basic or Premium plan, can I get a custom site design?

Definitely! It will simply be a one-time cost of $300, and it will extend the time necessary to get your site setup. Instead of seven days with a standard design, it will take to two to four weeks with a custom design.

Can I update the site myself?

Yes! I use a content management system with an online interface that’s pretty easy to use. I’ll give you a tutorial on how to use it, and I’m always available via email (and phone if you have the Ultimate Hosting plan)!

I have a different question, can I contact you?

Email me with any questions you have! There’s a Contact Me link in the footer of every page here, but in case you missed it, my email address is